Our fostering journey - Part 3: that first phone-call

Posted: Monday 4th May 2020

Almost a month since the day of approval, we got the first call.


Our first phone call

At 3pm exactly someone from the foster team called saying a little boy needed our help. It was half term and I was busy singing along at a Princess party with my 4 year old! We rushed home to prepare, and three hours later, we had a cot built, highchair in position and eagerly awaited the knock on the door.

Baby A had been to nursery, so he arrived around 6pm along with a social worker and a support worker. Without going into detail, mum needed respite, she needed a break, and we were more than happy to help. Baby A crawled around and explored our home with his eyes. 30 minutes later he was in our care.

Our first foster child

At 14 months Baby A was a quick crawler! He ate well, and responded brilliantly to us. He couldn't talk but his non-verbal communications skills were excellent. Quickly establishing a routine to meet his needs (milk, naps, food etc) came naturally with it only being a few years since my little girl was that age.

Sleeping was a challenge, particularly as he developed a cold, but as a family we worked as a team to make it a happy experience all round. By the time Baby A went home, we had all grown fond of him, well apart from our dog! - Baby A used to wrinkle his face and mimic a 'growl' to tell him to stay away - and our dog obliged, it was a funny exchange but clever how baby A set his own boundary with him!

What was originally supposed to be “a couple of days” had turned into 6 nights. We learned from this first experience that time in fostering can be like elastic, the situation is constantly changing and there is a lot of unknowns. We've quickly learnt there's no such thing as a 'typical/straightforward' placement! Each case is unique and so it should be! Caring for a little one is a privilege.


In March 2020, just as we were getting started on our fostering journey, Coronavirus struck. At the moment we don't have placement, but that's not because our doors are shut to the idea. Fostering is still happening through this. The team are still protecting children and finding new ways to do their job, if at a distance.

Some court processes are delayed but we are expecting a phone call any day. This pandemic changes daily, but as a family we are fortunate enough to be safe at home all of the time.

We have the space and open hearts to care for others, and we are doing everything we can to prepare for the next phone call.

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