Flintshire Mockingbird Hub Home Carer


Mockingbird hub home carers are experienced foster carers who act as the glue that unites the satellite carers as an extended family. Hub home carers provide a listening ear, and someone to turn to who understands the challenges of fostering to reduce isolation so that carers do not feel like they are on their own.

The Mockingbird hub home carer will be specially trained to offer sleepovers, peer support, emergency support, joint planning and social activities to satellite homes. This role will be rewarding but also demanding and varied, building relationships with children and young people of all ages. It is a full-time role for approved foster carers in view of the organisation and planning needed to make a constellation work effectively.

Join 42 hub homes who are already part of Mockingbird across the UK.

“the reward for us as hub home carers… we were able to step in and… with our experience as foster carers, this has helped prevent a placement breaking down” Hub home carer

Expectations of a Hub Home Carer:

  1. Available to provide day care and sleepover support, with 2 spare beds (ideally in separate rooms)
  2. Responsible for the constellation calendar and prioritise the needs of the group
  3. Experience, training and knowledge in fostering
  4. Work alongside Mockingbird supervising social worker
  5. Plan social events and build a strong group
  6. Ability to adjust plans and deal with events out-of-hours
  7. Good communication and record keeping
  8. Mediating, advocate and dealing with conflict
  9. Support with sibling and birth family contact
  10. Transportation support to group (if needed)


Role description

Flintshire Hub Home Carer Role Description



The Hub Home Carer will receive £749 per week (£461 enhanced payment + £288 allowance) and a budget for social activities.



I am already a foster carer with Flintshire Fostering Service and I have a child in placement, can I apply? Yes. We will consider if the current child in placement would manage the ‘comings and goings’ from the constellation and if you can manage the role alongside your current fostering commitments.

I currently foster elsewhere, can I apply? Yes. If you have a wide experience of fostering elsewhere and have completed (or willing to complete) a QCF and attachment training, you can apply for the Hub Home Carer role and undertake a transfer to Flintshire Fostering Service.

I am not a foster carer, can I apply? This role requires someone with experience of fostering. You can apply to become a general foster carer to gain experience before applying for this role.

What support and training will I get for this role? Training for the hub home carer and constellation will be provided by The Fostering Network. You can also meet other hub home carers at Mockingbird events. The role will be supported by a dedicated Mockingbird supervising social worker role who will supervise the hub home carer and some of the constellation carers.

Can I apply to be a hub home carer if I am single?Yes, if you have the experience and support network to take on this role.

Do I have to live in Flintshire? Yes, initially we are looking for hub home carers who live in or near Holywell, Buckley, Deeside, Broughton and Mold.



Mockingbird Vocabulary

Hub Home Carer = The carer who provides support to fostering households in the constellation.

Constellation = the group of fostering households

Satellite = the individual fostering households

Mockingbird Supervising Social Worker = a liaison role who supervises the hub home carer and some foster carers in the constellation. They will monitor the Mockingbird programme.

Sleepover = the Mockingbird term for respite

Family Time = the Mockingbird term for contact

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