Fostering Babies and Newborns

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Visitors and appointments

Fostering young children can often involve collecting a newborn baby from hospital. You will then be inundated with visitors and appointments with health visitors, social workers etc. Some babies will suffer from the effects of the parents drinking or taking drugs during pregnancy.


Contact with birth family

We will always try to re-unite babies with their parents, so the baby will need to have regular contact with their family. This can be up to 5 days a week and will be supervised by social work staff.


Babies are usually with you short term

Babies will often stay with a foster carer from 6 to 12 months while the court process takes place.


Introducing a baby to their adopted forever family

If adoption is the plan for the baby, you will meet the adopters and gradually introduce the baby to their forever family.


Letting go

Letting go is a hard bit – and you might have a few tears – but keeping in touch and seeing the baby happy settled with their family is extremely rewarding. And there will soon be another child to help.


The good bits

On the plus side, you will get lots of cuddles from a new born baby and have the joy of seeing their smile and development.


Prams, cots and car seats

You will be given all the equipment that you need.


Fit with your family and lifestyle

We wouldn’t recommend fostering babies if you have your own pre-school children at home, due to the level of meetings and appointments required. When you foster little ones, one person will need to be at home. You will need a spare bedroom. Children under the age of five years old will not be placed with anyone who smokes.

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