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There are young parents in Flintshire who are at risk of having their child enter into the care system, because they have little support from family, had poor parenting themselves and no one to guide them towards being a good parent.


Find out how you can help young parents to be the best parents they can be. Help young parents on their journey through parenthood.


What is parent and child together fostering?

A parent and child together foster placement, also known as a mother and baby foster placement*, is a specialist type of fostering where typically a young parent, usually a mother and baby, comes to stay with you for up to 4 months. 

This type of care usually involves looking after young parents who are often mothers under the age of 18 and their babies. It can also involve parents over the age of 18 who may have complex needs, 2 parents together or a parent with more than one child. The mum, dad or both parents will need some extra help and advice until they can safely care for their child on their own.


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“The good things about parent and child is when they move on and they successfully manage it in the community and you see them 2-3 years later and they’ve got a young toddler and another baby and they are smiling. You can clearly see the support you gave in the initial vulnerable months was well worth it and that outweighs the difficult times”


What you can offer

• Welcome the parent and child into your home and provide support and guidance. 

• Support parents to develop the skills that they need to look after their baby or child.

• Help build the parents’ confidence to enable them to be good parents.

• Give parents a caring environment to live in, whilst observing and monitoring their parenting skills.

• Support and encourage the parent to do all of the parenting tasks, so that eventually they are able to do it on their own. 


What is expected of you

You will be expected to support the parent without taking over caring tasks for the child. Detailed written recordings are needed from you on a daily basis to assess the parent’s ability to care for their child. Your records will help the child care social worker and fostering service decide whether the baby can stay with the parent.


Support and training

Alongside social workers and the fostering team, you will play a vital role to guide, support and assess the parents' ability to care for their child.

There will be a plan and timescale for the parents to begin taking more responsibility for childcare tasks each week. Your role will be to monitor the care of the child and provide detailed records.

Your social worker will give support and guidance at weekly progress meetings with you, the child care social worker and the parent. The aim is for the parent and child to move out and successfully live on their own after around 20 weeks.

We will give you training for parent and child fostering and advice from experienced PACT foster carers.


• Do you live in or near the Flintshire area?

• Gain some experience of fostering with us before undertaking PACT placements. Or already have 12 months experience of fostering elsewhere

.• Have a spare bedroom large enough for an adult bed, cot-bed, chair and storage of the parents’ belongings

• Have extra living space within the home or garden for you and the parent to have space apart

• Ability to write detailed accurate records

• One person needs to be observing at home full time

• Non-smokers

If you have other children living at home, we will discuss this with you and consider the potential issues and risks before matching you with each individual PACT placement.


Payments and allowances

You will receive a total payment of £745 - £875 per week for the duration of the PACT placement. If the parent is receiving benefits, they will be expected to pay for baby items and essentials. If more than one child is part of the PACT placement, additional allowance will be provided for the children. At the end of the placement, or if the parent leaves the placement, you may be expected to continue caring for the child as a general fostering placement until a suitable plan can be made.

For more information about parent and child fostering in Flintshire, email or call 01352 701965.

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*Parent and child together was previously referred to as mother and baby placements, but could equally involve a father, mother or two parents.


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