Repatriation and Prevention

Helping a child to live with a family

There are children as young as 10 years old living in residential care homes, due to their complex and behavioral needs. We want to give them a chance to live with a family. (This is repatriation, also referred to as “step-down”)

We also want to prevent children from moving into a residential setting or far away from their community. (This is prevention)



As part of a team, you will work alongside therapists, social workers and a supporting (respite) foster carer to provide an intensive intervention to make a difference to the path that the child’s life may be on.


Intensive training, support and supervision is provided, as well as a direct line of communication to the management team of services involved. 


You will be expected to passionately invest in the child with determination and resilience. You will be expected to attend training, meetings and have availability to transport the child to school, therapy sessions and activities. You will be expected to keep accurate recordings to monitor any improvements in the child’s behavior. The children may have experienced many placement moves, difficulties in education and periods of exclusion. Our aim is to improve the child’s well-being, education and stability.  


You will need:

A current driving license and car

No children under 16 at home

1 spare bedroom

No other employment*

2 years’ experience of working with children/young people or fostering

No other caring responsibilities (eg. grandchildren)


You will receive an enhanced payment of £461 per week in addition to the Fostering Allowance to cover costs of caring for the child, for the duration of the placement.

* Respite foster carer roles are also available, where the carer can undertake other employment which does not significantly impact on their availability. 

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