Do you know you can foster and be gay?

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"Some people think that if you are gay you wouldn’t be allowed to foster, but that’s not the case. And it’s never bothered any of the children we’ve looked after. We’d say to anyone who’s thinking about it, to do it. Not to be afraid of it not working. The approval process gives you a really good idea about what it will be like and the team get to know you and you get really good support. You’re never alone. We’ve been really lucky with all the social workers at Flintshire. They are really good, knowledgeable and helpful too." Flintshire Foster Carer

I have been living with my foster carer for about 2 years. She is a fantastic foster carer there has been no discrimination against her because of her sexuality. She is a funny caring women who make me feel safe. I am very lucky to have come and live with her. If you are looking to foster and you are gay,lesbian,bisexual or transgender. Don't let anything stop you. My foster carer and her family have made me feel like I belong here and like I'm part of there family. Which is fantastic because you need to feel safe and happy. Young person living in foster care (15)  


When I was told I was going to be staying in a placement with a gay couple I was actually excited the only thing that crossed my mind was what my friends would think or say but my friends were actually very supportive and got on really well. People should never judge a gay couple they are the most amazing and caring people you could ever meet. I wouldn't change my time there for the world. Young person living in foster care


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