Real Foster Carer Stories

Gavin's Story

Gavin has been fostering for over 12 years. Gavin is a single carer looking after children aged 8 to 18, offering regular respite support to other carers. Read more



Helens Story

Helen from Mold has been a foster carer for over 11 years, looking after children from the age of six weeks to 16 years old. She has cared for 27 children. Read more 




Kim's Story

Kim has been a foster carer for 19 years, her first fostering experience was with a brother and sister. Since then she recalls fostering at least 3 more sibling groups. Read more

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Our fostering journey - Step by step

At age 66, I became a foster carer

Fostering brothers and sisters

My family fosters by B age 16

Who'd be a foster parent at Christmas-time?

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