Foster Carer Stories


Gavin's Story

Gavin has been fostering for over 8 years. Gavin is a single carer looking after children aged 8 to 18, offering regular respite support to other carers.


Flintshire Helen3

Helens Story

Helen from Mold has been a foster carer for over 8 years, looking after children from the age of six weeks to 16 years old. She has cared for 27 children. 

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Kim's Story

Kim has been a foster carer for 18 years, her first fostering experience was with a brother and sister. Since then she recalls fostering at least 3 more sibling groups:



Our fostering journey - Step by step

At age 66, I became a foster carer

Fostering brothers and sisters

My family fosters by B age 16

Who'd be a foster parent at Christmas-time?

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