What makes a good foster carer?

We asked a group of children in foster care, what was important to be a good foster carer, and this is what they said...


A good foster carer is…

- Fairly laid back
- Easily approachable
- Treats you like their own child
- Doesn’t leave you out. They include you in family events
- Someone you can talk to
- Someone who’s there for you, especially when you need them
- Shows you they care
- Pays attention to what you have to say and likes to spend time with you
- Someone who treats me and my brother the same
- Someone who is willing to take young people on and isn’t in it for the money
- Reliable
- Someone who encourages you to take part in new things, sports and clubs
- Someone who is there for you to chat to
- They teach you things you don’t know, like how to cook
- Someone who doesn’t judge you

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