What makes a good foster carer?

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"Foster carers have done a lot for me. Especially when you are young, it’s important to know that someone loves you." J, aged 18

 "A good foster carer is someone who is dedicated, friendly, treats you the same, cares about you and is there for you when you need them. At Christmas, they made me feel welcome and part of the family."Don’t judge the young person, give them a chance. I used to be a bit of a rebel; getting drunk and stuff. In the last year, I have changed and it’s down to my foster carer." Young person, aged 15

"She taught me how to cook. I was sat watching cartoons and she said I could help her instead of just sitting there. She taught me how to make a broccoli soup; that’s now one of my favourite things to cook." L, aged 18

We asked a group of children in foster care, what was important to be a good foster carer, and this is what they said...


A good foster carer is…


  1. Fairly laid back
  2. Easily approachable
  3. Treats you like their own child
  4. Doesn’t leave you out. They include you in family events
  5. Someone you can talk to
  6. Someone who’s there for you, especially when you need them
  7. Shows you they care
  8. Pays attention to what you have to say and likes to spend time with you
  9. Someone who treats me and my brother the same
  10. Someone who is willing to take young people on and isn’t in it for the money
  11. Reliable
  12. Someone who encourages you to take part in new things, sports and clubs
  13. Someone who is there for you to chat to
  14. They teach you things you don’t know, like how to cook
  15. Someone who doesn’t judge you


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