Anwens Story


Anwen, along with her husband, has been a foster carer for over 8 years. Initially fostering with an agency for 2 years before choosing to transfer to the local Council. Anwen initially provided respite care, which provides full time carers with someone to support them and give them a break when they need it.

"The main foster carers are having a break for a weekend or a week and they can come back fully refreshed and we feel we have given them a great rest and they really appreciate it. They’ve had time to recharge their batteries. We say to the children “it’s your holiday”. It’s like going to a family member or relative. They love coming here.”

Anwen has cared for all ages of children from babies to teenagers.

"The reason they are in care, is because they have been neglected or possibly abused. What they need is normality. It’s an ordinary day for us, but it’s not for them. They may not have had that care and attention before, it might be new to them. You do build up a relationship and you do get fond of them, but hopefully a lot of the children can move on and you feel as if you’ve helped them along the way to an adoption or back to their own parents."

"We are not anything special or out of the ordinary, we are just normal people with a good sense of humour."

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