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"When I first started thinking about fostering, I wanted to make sure my own children were happy with the idea. "Young Fosterers" gives them a fun trip as a treat every school holiday to say thank you - Sue, Foster Carer & Mum

We run a support group for foster carer’s own children, which offers training, support and fun events to say thank you to your own children.

Leah, 23 from Mold has been part of a fostering family for 7 years. Her parents started fostering when she was 16 and have looked after a total of 27 children. She says being part of a foster family has been a really positive experience.

"I grew up as an only child so fostering has given me the chance to be a role model for younger children. It's allowed me to become someone that kids look up to, and in turn that has inspired me to be a better person. Fostering is a positive experience. It's interesting and you're constantly learning. The relationships that you have a chance to form with interesting people from varying backgrounds is incredible. I wasn't sure at the start and I'm sure that's the case for all children whose families foster but if you give it a chance, you'll not look back.I can't imagine visiting home and not being greeted by different faces and the warmth and love a child in care has to offer." Leah, fostering family member

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