Imagine a world where experienced
foster carers...

can pass on what
they've learned
over the years...

where new foster
carers have peer
support available

And children can
go for sleepovers
with foster carers
they know,
paperwork getting
in the way.

Welcome to

Mockingbird is an extended family model of foster care developed by The Fostering Network.
Flintshire Fostering Service is The Fostering Network’s first mockingbird partner in Wales.


What is Mockingbird?
The Mockingbird Model is an innovative method of foster care using the Mockingbird Family Model. This is an extended family model that provides respite care, peer support, regular joint planning and training, and social activities.

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The Mockingbird programme is based on the Mockingbird Family Model, which was originally developed by The Mockingbird Society in America in 2004.

Adapted by The Fostering Network, the Mockingbird model is where one foster home acts as a hub for other carers offering planned and emergency sleepovers as well as advice, training and support. The hub home foster carers providing support to around six to 10 other foster carers in their community. The aim of the programme is to improve placement stability for the child and the fostering family and help them build stronger relationships.

Mockingbird supervising social worker

Mockingbird hub home carer

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