Transfer procedure

Procedure where there is no child in placement

1. Once you have had an informal discussion with us, you should inform your current fostering service in writing that you are considering a move to another fostering service.

2. Once you have informed your agency, you can submit your application to us and we can begin your assessment. You will receive a full assessment but this should be a straight forward process as you have been through it all before and already have experience of fostering. We will contact your previous agency for a reference. You have a right to almost all of the information in your original assessment. If your fostering service agrees, they may share information from your original assessment so may not be necessary to collect all of the information again.

3. Once the assessment has been completed and it is our intention to approve you as a foster carer, you should give written notice of resignation to your current service. You need to give your current service 28 days notice of resignation.

4. You will then attend our panel. They will make a recommendation regarding your approval whilst you are still approved by your original fostering service. The agency decision maker for our service will notify you of their decision in writing. Your approval will start from the date that your previous approval ends.


Procedure where a foster child is in placement

1. If you have a child or children in placement you should notify your own fostering agency and the child’s local authority of your intention to move fostering agencies. If the child is placed by Flintshire County Council, you should inform the child’s social worker.

2. The child’s IRO may then hold a meeting for everyone involved within 28 days to decide the best plan for the child/children involved, before proceeding any further with an assessment with us.

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