Transferring Foster Agencies

If you are looking to change from your current agency, please get in touch. We will arrange an informal chat to discuss the transfer process and tell you what we offer as a fostering service, before you inform your current agency. Foster carers can only be approved by one agency at a time but foster carers have the right to freely move between fostering services. The process is different depending on whether you have a child placed with you at the moment and the plan for that child.

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Why transfer to Flintshire?

Are you currently fostering with another fostering agency, and not sure if they are right for you? Are you approved but having gaps between placements? Transferring to the local authority fostering service might be easier than you think, and could offer you the support and placements that you are looking for.


Flintshire Fostering Service is a local team of 11 social workers, 3 supervising workers, 2 managers and a recruitment officer, who have lots of combined experience working with looked-after children. We are based in Flint, in the same office as the child’s social worker, which makes communication and case discussion easier.


As a full time carer you will receive at least 8 visits a year from your supervisor. And we are based locally, so we can be there same day, if you need us. You will also have an out-of-hours support line 24-7.

Choice of placements

Last year we received 108 placement requests for children of all ages, from babies to teenagers. We always choose to place with our own foster carers first, and approach agencies with our most challenging cases. 97% of our foster carers are full with placements (April 2017). And our carers are rarely sat empty for long.


As an experienced foster carer, with some training and experience of placements, you could be considered to transfer at a higher level, at least level 2 payments depending on your experience. If you have completed your QCF, you could be considered to transfer at level 3.


Local authority fostering payment are different to many agencies as it is broken down into sections rather than one amount. You will receive an allowance for the child, a carer’s payment, payment to attend training, plus holiday, religious and birthday payments, as well as any equipment you need. Foster Carer Pay Explained


As a foster carer with Flintshire you will have opportunities to care for all ages of children, although our greatest need is for children over 10. You will also be considered for enhanced payments for therapeutic and Parents and Child together placements.

Parents and Child together

Repatriation and Prevention

Flintshire Mockingbird Hub Home Carer

To transfer to the local authority, you will require a re-assessment, to allow us to update your information since your original approval and also to get to know you. We would aim to complete transfers within 6 months, depending on your availability, and you would remain approved with your current agency while we complete our assessment.

Agency foster carers have successfully transferred to Flintshire, and been pleasantly surprised at the level of support and training they receive. You will meet lots of other local foster carers and we run support group events throughout the year including family trips in the summer holidays.

Top 10 things to ask when transferring foster agency

If you would like to talk to us about moving to a not-for-profit local authority fostering service, please call us on 01352 701965.

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